Tad Bodeman, LMSW

Tad is a licensed psychotherapist working with individuals and couples in crisis. He specializes in helping with healing relationships and recovery from trauma, depression and anxiety. He is a Fellow at The Lovett Center in Houston, and works with clients both at The Lovett Center and locally as a Counseling Minister at A Future and a Hope Ministries.
Tad comes to this calling through a 27-year career at NCR/AT&T/Compaq/HP, focusing on new technology development and emerging global markets with positions in sales, product management and executive level organizational leadership. He has had the privilege of living and working in 38 countries, giving him an appreciation for a number of cultures around the world.
Tad is Passionate for joining God in the work He is doing in people’s lives with issues of the heart, tough life transitions, easing human sadness and loneliness, fostering joy, peace and intimacy for adults, families, parents, and marriages.
Tad relishes the opportunity of living a Christ centered life, the adventure of living life with his wife Lisa of over 31 years and the art of being a family. He enjoys the joy found in old and new friendships; the challenge of fitness; enjoying the outdoors; studying the connections between human thought, feelings, behavior, and relationships; successfully overcoming the impact of life’s challenges to improve the well-being of individuals, marriages, and families.
Tad & Lisa live in Montgomery and are active in Windwood Presbyterian Church. He earned a B.S. in Business Administration & Marketing degree from California State University at Long Beach and recently received an MSW degree from the Graduate College of Social Work at the University of Houston.